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  • This page will not be updated very often, unless I have something else to add. Other than that, it will remain as it is. Thank you.

  • Welcome to Hollywood's Roleplay Rules. Here you will find all the rules you need to abide by when roleplaying with me, along with some general comments I have about roleplaying with me. See, I don't want to roleplay with just any old idiot out there on AOL. I want smart people to roleplay with. I want mature people to roleplay with. If you think you're either of these, go ahead and read my rules. If you're not smart or mature about roleplaying, you can look up to the right at the little 'X' on this webpage. See it? Now click on it. C'mon. I know you can do it. There ya go!

    Haha. Now that's funny. =D